Halloween Fashion

Whether you use Halloween as an excuse to be scary or sexy, Icing has everything you need to throw the ultimate Halloween Bash. Our range of flirty costumes, make up, themed jewelry, and more will have you celebrating Halloween in Fresh AF style.

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Grab the ultimate sea goddess look & leave the haters drowning


Feline vibes for the purrfect look that won't quit!

Space Girl

Let's get some cosmic vibes and space out!



Beautiful and bold like a black widow

Vampire Witch

Witchy vibes and dark magic for toil & trouble

Dark Deer

A beauty in the dark midnight forest

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#PARTYSTARTSATICING Halloween Costume Ideas!

#GetLit this halloween and transform into something magical with our halloween costumes and accessories.

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Halloween 2018 #PartyStartsAtIcing

We're gonna dance under the moonlight at the midnight hour with our hot Halloween looks from Icing! Bring the beauty and the darkness to come play for some tricks and treats. Show us your look boo! Get your glow and show it off with our Halloween hashtag. Halloween 2018 is here!

Halloween 2018 #PartyStartsAtIcing

We're gonna dance under the moonlight at the midnight hour with our hot Halloween looks from Icing! Bring the beauty and the darkness to come play for some tricks and treats. Show us your look boo! Get your glow and show it off with our Halloween hashtag. Halloween 2018 is here!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

Ladies! It's that time to light up the night with unique Halloween costumes for women! Whether you're in it for tricks or treats, you'll find the right cute Halloween costume for women to get you all the right selfies and all the attention at every Halloween party. Create your own costume with easy Halloween costume ideas for women and extra accessories to truly create something unique.

Cute Halloween costumes you can create can start and end with our fab costume jewelry for women. Blingy and beautiful, or creepy but cute are the things we've tried to achieve to get you lookin' hot. Easily play our women's costume jewelry into scarier looks, like an undead heiress that couldn't be buried without her jewelry or a murderous bride that was ditched at the altar. See how you can use our many finishes and textures to complete your costume!

Add some unique touches to our women's cute Halloween costumes with masks for women! A full face mask adorned in lace and gems can keep you hidden from full moon mysteries, or add a touch of mysticism with an eye mask. Just like with any masquerade party, you'll easily play up your eyes with beautiful women's Halloween masks and some fab makeup touches.

Women's Halloween hats come in a huge assortment to give those skulled out looks some timeless class. Get your witch's brew ready with Halloween hats for women in various colors to play with your particular look. Here you'll find various fabrics to give you that quality look and keep our women Halloween costumes authentic.

Halloween makeup for women is what is going to give your costume so much "wow"! Intense highlighters, fake lashes, and standard costume makeup will bring you glow and an unforgettable look. Add a few women's Halloween gems to your women's Halloween makeup and watch the fierceness unfold for those glimmery looks like a fiery fairy, a magical unicorn, or for those hot glam skull costumes. Our galactic girl can get some women's gems for Halloween costumes to radically improve your iridescent space look. We gotchu, girl!

Perfect your costume with plush Halloween toys or get your place looking Hallow's Eve ready with plush Halloween decorations! It'll amp up the festive vibes for your next Halloween party with a dose of cuteness. Plush toys for Halloween can make or break your wicked witch of the west costume with your flying monkeys, or add some cute ghosts to your spiritual medium and fortune teller costumes. We know you're creative ladies, so show us your skills and see how our cute toys can help out your costume.

Fake hair for Halloween is how you elevate your costume! You're going to need some bright colors and sparkles for those spacy, unicorn, and mermaid looks. Get something white hot for your ice witch look in various lengths. Grab our women's fake hair extensions for Halloween for easy to apply options that can add both length and color. women's Halloween wigs are hella fun and come in silky smooth looks or volumized curly looks. Make your Halloween costume the envy of many with women's wigs for Halloween. Go get yourself some hot hair! Our Halloween accessories for women give you those flirty and cute additions for that extra sass. Grab a few fishnet or lace gloves to add some sex appeal to that hot witch costume. Maybe add on some cute af stockings for that fashionable mermaid costume because nothing says you can't slay in playing dress up. These cute Halloween outfit accessories will bring your costume to completion with all the ferocity you want to deliver for those extra treats!

Women's Cat Costumes

The classic kitty has been elevated to add some gorgeous elements. Our women's cat costumes have added a bit of lace and face gems so you can highlight some of your best features. You can also create cat costumes for women that use those fierce holographic textures and watch yourself transform into a disco kitty! Use some of our stickers that are gentle for your face to perfect that cute kitty look.

Mermaid Costumes For Women

This is for the girl low key obsessed with glitter. We all have that little itty bitty NEED to sparkle! You can do that and more with women's mermaid costumes. Sparkle like the sea in iridescent elements with our fab mermaid costumes for women. This girl has gotten so popular that you'll want to be that super glam sea fish with good hair. We've got you with the extra sea shells and gems to decorate your crown. Own your throne in the sea with our women's mermaid Halloween costumes with your trident staff! Everyone will see how to glam up their favorite mythical creature of the sea, because after all, mermaids do it better.

Vampire Witch Costumes For Women

Let these other witches know who is the boss witch! Our women's vampire witch costumes can be played up beyond our sweet sets. Gloves, tights, and sexy hair will get you looking like the top witch of the Halloween party. Don't worry, we're taking care of your witch hat too in our fashion accessories, and your witch's brew can be stored in your flask. Get creative with additional accessories like fierce makeup or jewelry with your women's vampire witch Halloween costume!

Women's Skeleton Costumes

These skeleton costumes for women run skin deep. Show off your bones with fun fashion accessories in stockings, gloves, and hats. You can mix up your skeleton look with some glam skull options that you see all over the tutorial videos. Get your shaman vibes going like the bone daddy's of voodoo culture, here's your chance to make it inclusive to a bone mama! These women's Halloween skeleton costumes will get you hot and ready for the night of fright!

Spider Costumes For Women

You're gonna nail this look as empress of the arachnids with our women's spider costumes! We've got hot jewelry and fashion accessories that will get those queen bees out of your way. Our women's Halloween spider costumes have a hint of seductress if you play it up right. That means makeup, hair, and a hint of shimmer to have you glowing in the night. These spider accessories will have you look like these 8-legged creatures bow to your will alone. Move along queen bees, my spiders are about to come eat you!

Halloween Galactic Girl

Let's get lost in the stars like space queens. Check out our galactic girl costumes for women to get super gorge like celestial bodies looking for some fun! Our matching sets include some adorable headgear to show off a few "other worldly" vibes. The skies will pore over your amazing look with our women's galactic girl costumes. She's a bit vintage but she's all fab! Space out on Halloween this year and travel the milkly way to some tricks and treats.

Women's Dark Deer Costumes

Like a sweet doe lurking in the dark forest, you will be showing up to your next Halloween party with an enchanting beauty! A Halloween dark deer with have mild elements of shimmery metallics, but can be brightened up with some heavy highlighter to nail those forest creature looks. We've got the floral adorned antlers for you to trot your stuff around the next dark meadow for some tricks and treats! Our dark deer costumes will have everyone gushing over this pretty costume.