Store Openings

Our stores have reopened, however, hours may vary across states and provinces. Please check the status of your local store.

Keeping Our ICING Family Safe

We are practicing strict social distancing in all our stores & facilities

The safety of our associates and our valued customers is our number one priority. We are following strict government guidance to ensure we keep you safe. Check the status of your state or province here.

Stay safe everyone, love the Icing Team

We are sanitizing high touch surfaces such as payment machines and counter surfaces regularly

Store front signage denotes how many people can be safely accommodated in each store, and our floors are marked to guide safe distancing

Our associates and customers are wearing masks per local guidelines

Associates sanitize their hands and the ear piercing system, and wear single use medical grade disposable gloves for every piercing

The ear piercing station and chairs are sanitized before and after each piercing

Our specialized piercing earrings are part of a pre-sterilized cartridge that is loaded directly into the piercing instrument without ever being touched by the store associate

Hand sanitizer is available in all stores, and associates are diligently sanitizing their hands

We’re In This Together

We’re living in unprecedented times - every day we’re adjusting and finding ways to manage our social distancing while staying connected online. While we remain open online 24/7, we’ve made important changes to the way we fulfill your orders to safeguard our associates, and unfortunately this means we’re running behind on shipping orders. The safety of our associates is our number 1 priority, so please bear with us through this difficult time as we do our utmost to keep them safe.

The additional safety measures we’ve implemented are as recommended by the CDC and WHO, and include:

  • *Morning social distancing and sanitizing safety briefings
  • *Smaller shifts to maintain social distancing
  • *Increased distances between packaging stations
  • *Frequent sanitizing of all equipment
  • *Hand Sanitizer readily available at all work stations, entrances and exits
  • *We are extremely grateful for our fulfillment teams - they are on the frontlines every day, helping to bring joy and fun directly to you, in your homes.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this difficult time. We’re all in this together. Stay safe and well.



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