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Black Studded Vanity Makeup Set

Original Price$59.99 Sale Price $35.99 Original Price $59.99 Sale Price $35.99

KENDALL + KYLIE Black Snakeskin Cosmetic Bag Set - 2 Pack

Sale Price $24.99 Original Price $24.99 Sale Price $24.99

Neutral Bling Vegan Faux Nail Set - 4 Pack

Original Price$39.99 Sale Price $23.99 Original Price $39.99 Sale Price $23.99

Multicolored Glitter Nail Polish Set - 2 Pack

Original Price$14.99 Sale Price $8.99 Original Price $14.99 Sale Price $8.99

Cool Bling Vegan Faux Nail Set - 4 Pack

Original Price$39.99 Sale Price $23.99 Original Price $39.99 Sale Price $23.99

Pink Face Roller

Original Price$14.99 Sale Price $8.99 Original Price $14.99 Sale Price $8.99

Blush Quilted Makeup Set

Original Price$49.99 Sale Price $29.99 Original Price $49.99 Sale Price $29.99

French Manicure Kit - 3 Pack

Original Price$14.99 Sale Price $11.24 Original Price $14.99 Sale Price $11.24

Nail Polish

Take a peek through our super cute nail polish colors for women. We've got your looks nailed down for the season! Blow up your IG with fab nails in our hot matte nail polish for women to get into an elevated chic look. Get those snaps at the festival with our women's glitter nail polish to get you shimmering and glittering the weekend away to the best tunes! That house party is begging you to rock some neon nail polish for women to get all eyes on you and your brightness. There's no shame in your game, you know how to work the best looks with our nail polish for women, and we are here to take care of those gorgeous digits for seasons to come. Pick out your nail perfection right now!

Beauty Face Masks

Step up your glam game by improving your skin. Our face masks are meant to deep clean your pores, detoxify your skin, and bring it back to its natural glow. Since we are on a rejuvenation and self-care kick, while you're in your bath, open up a face mask and apply it to a clean face. Relax, and let the mask work its magic. Choose from charcoal deep pore face masks, clay masks, or a refreshing tea tree peel-off mask. All of these options will hydrate and moisturize your skin to get you looking fresh-faced and new. Go ahead and relax!

Makeup Bags

For anyone who is low key OBSESSED with cosmetics, you need to keep your collection organized with the cutest makeup bags from Icing. Get your cosmic fix with holographic options to give your fave lipsticks a touch of galactic glam. And if you're into the star sign game, find the perfect personalized option to reflect your true personality. Take it a step further with initial options so there's absolutely no way someone will conveniently confuse your makeup for theirs. We've got the options to match your style!

Bath Bombs

Get the ultimate rejuvenation for mind, body, and skin. Self care starts with a warm bath and moisturizing your skin! Shop star bath bombs to get lost in space in your warm bath, or use a glitter bath bomb to come out with gleaming skin. Either way you'll fall in love with all of our scents and colors to put you in the right mind space to take care of yourself! Get lost in the bubbles and be prepared to take on the rest of your day (or night) with a relaxing bath because Icing cares about you, boo

About Beauty

Women's Beauty Products

Our women's makeup products are about to make you feel good as hell. We've got your glow waiting for you with our glitter makeup for women, shimmery highlighters, and more. If you've got an event coming up, check out our women's cosmetics for skin perfection. Perk up that pout with fun lip colors to match your nails, and amazing faux nails to add that edge for your girl's night out look! Touch up your costume and theme looks for the festival with face jewels and body glitter. Get your girl's night in down with women's beauty products like face masks and more to get your beauty rest on. Below, you're going to learn more about our women's makeup products and how you can fit them into your life, cause you're gonna want to!

Cosmetic Cases for Women

Be a boss babe and keep your tools and makeup faves in your makeup case. Don't be a messy chick with your products all over the place. Grab yourself a super cute holographic makeup case to keep your necessities neat and clean. You can find pieces of magic in our unicorn makeup bags and mermaid makeup bags to channel your inner mythical creature that puts on makeup with the same kind of magic. Sparkle up your tools with glitter makeup bags in various sizes for home or for your traveling adventures. Our point is, in all of the spaces you have, your makeup set up could probably use a glow up, so tidy up your space with one of women's makeup bags. Its efficient and stylish!

Women's Makeup Tools & Accessories

Icing's makeup accessories for women include cute makeup brushes, eyelash curlers for women, and women's compact mirrors. It goes without saying there is definitely more than just those necessities. We have the cutest makeup brushes in glitter and holographic styles if you're trying to match all your makeup sets. Icing even has the True Glow (TM) Sonic Skincare Solution brush so you can get your deep skin glow turned on. Speaking of matching tools, you can match our women's eyelash curlers to achieve your makeup vanity aesthetic like the pros do. Clean up those nasty tools with our brush cleaning tool that easily suctions to the side of your sink for easy cleanup! Apply your foundation with our soft makeup sponges and beauty blenders for the softest and perfect blending you need to avoid those lines. Take care of your tools and your tools will take care of you.

Women's Lip Gloss

Get your lips kissably soft with Icing's lip balm for women. Let your self care rituals extend to your pout with our cute lip balm so they are cold weather ready. Our lip gloss for women is going to add that slick touch to get them into makeout mode. Pro-tip, if he doesn't love you for your fun lip balm then he doesn't deserve you at your hot lip gloss. No loser is worth ruining your lips over.

Eye Glitter for Women

In case you didn't guess it was Icing, let's educate you on all the glitter eye makeup looks are available for you right here in Icing makeup heaven. When we have things like Mermazing and Moon Dust eyeshadow palettes or Moonglow highlighter palettes, you know we've got your best shimmer in mind. Be your own inspiration for starry looks with our holographic eyeshadow palettes and loose glitter for dreamy looks. Boost up your eyes with all our glittery eyeshadow for women.

Fake Nails

Get your feel good look with false nails for women in different colors, sizes, and patterns. Consider your nails as the Icing on this delicious multi-layer cake with your favorite flavors and at least 3 tiers. Care for your pretty tips with our sparkly nail polish for women to get your full on starry look. Your favorite coffin nails and stiletto shapes come in some drop dead shades. We have holographic fake nails for a bold statement, and if you're feeling a little change, try our metallic nail polish to make it a fun transformation. When the nails come off, it's time to take care of those nail beds and cuticles. Try our nail manicure kits to get your little digits into tip top shape and ready for the next round of beauty treatments. Put your entire look together with great faux nail options.

Sleeping Masks for Women

Every queen deserves her beauty sleep, so whether you are in self care mode or in your overnight girl hangs with your best ladies, our women's sleeping masks make a cute accessory to win some selfie awards. Get a cute sleep mask for all the IG stories, but get the furry sleeping masks for a dreamy sleep. Our sleep masks for women will totally get you into full REM sleep. Sweet dreams, boo.

Bath Bombs for Women

We already know you're about to love our scented bath bombs that'll leave your skin feeling luxurious and clean. Let some shimmer sink into your skin with our glitter bath bombs and star bath bombs. It packs all the glimmery goodness so you can leave the tub like an actual goddess. If you're feeling like a sea siren, get your mermaid bath bombs to start your full Little Mermaid fantasy of meeting your prince followed by an amazing love story. Baths can do that for you, we know. Take in the scents and the rejuvenation because you deserve it, babe!

Fake Body Tattoos & Body Jewels

You probably can't see a reason to know where to buy women's face tattoos and makeup jewels, as if you would only need them for one season only. Although we carry some fun temporary cat face tattoos and maybe a few skeleton temporary face tattoos for that one season we love, we know festival season is a damn good one to love too. Get a few glitter face tattoos to easily upgrade even further with face jewels and body dust glitter. Our dust body glitter can last all festival long with the right glitter hacks, but our stick on body jewels and skin gems for women will have you loving your sparkling skin. Dance at that crazy rave show with all the stick on body jewels to sparkle like the night sky. These pieces and more will have you feeling like a free woman, a goddess, a literal dance queen.