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Crossbody Bags

Crossbody Bags

Hands-free styles that go with everythingl

Mini Backpacks

Mini Backpacks

The chicest mini backpacks to covet this season



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Peach Please Keychain - Gold

Original Price$9.99 Sale Price$6.99

Quilted Heart Chain Crossbody Bag - Red

Original Price$29.99 Sale Price$20.99

Tan & Silver Crossbody Bag

Original Price$14.99 Sale Price$10.49

Neon Tie Dye Spiral Mini Zip Wallet

Original Price$12.99 Sale Price$9.09

Marbled Clean Key - White

Original Price$9.99 Sale Price$3.00

Winged Love Mini Backpack Keychain - White

Original Price$12.99 Sale Price$9.09

Quilted Nylon Functional Backpack - Black

Original Price$44.99 Sale Price$31.49

Pastel Marble Crossbody Satchel - Blush Pink

Original Price$24.99 Sale Price$17.49

Coin Purses

We want to provide a way to stash your jingling change that is equal parts cutesy and trendy. We're in love with metallic textures, glittery touches, and marble patterns (to name a few). Fall in love with our styles that are poofy pouches or lanyard style options. Almost all of our options come with mini carabiners to attach to your keys for a quick reach. You'll have a few options with cute zip arounds or snap button closures that'll hold more of your plastic along with your change. Spread your sass with a few of your fave hashtags or go with simpler looks. There are plenty of options for you here!extra cool.


A fan of all things extra will love our keyrings for women. Have a home for your Chardonnay funds with fun fringe to attach to your keys. Get your glam fix with pom poms and fireballs for that high key sparkle cause you love a good gleam. All things crystal and glitter can cover your keys in fabulousness. We were thinking, the bolder and the more extra, the better. That way you never forget your keys again!

Mini Backpacks

These shrunken little mini versions of a backpack are the cutest trend ever. It's both hot and adorable for a little outfit upgrade. You've always heard that big things come in small packages, and our mini backpacks are no exception. It's enough of the storage you need in a traditional crossbody bag with a few more fun extras. A few extra pockets for storage for those tiny essentials you have to have on you at all times. Get the mini backpack you want for the style that you need.

About Bags

Bags for Women

Bags are the most basic necessity for your most important essentials. Think of our messenger bags for women when you need to consider school and work packing, or get one of our purse bags for school to carry your personal belongings and your school stuff. A rainbow purse or a holographic purse can be saved for those outings where you wanna look a little extra because that's just your style, but they make a bold (and cute) statement. In our bags category, you're about to find a lot of things you didn't even know you needed, maybe our wallets for women and our wallets for teens. These extras can help you put together a killer ensemble or help you keep your most important things close to you at all times. Happy shopping, ladies!

Funky Backpacks & More

Our backpacks for women offer the versatility for school and for work, or just everyday life. Starting with our bookbags for women, you'll find options in various sizes specifically for all your school needs. Binders, books, or laptops, you'll find the right one to fit into your life. Midi and women's mini backpacks are your fashion staple in our funky backpacks. They make perfect companions for a mini trek around the city or your airplane carry on. Our women's sequin backpacks show off major fashion vibes for the girl who has to shine everywhere she goes. One of our women's pink backpacks could satisfy the girl who loves to make a statement. Add a lot of flair to our women's backpacks with patches and pins to truly make it yours.

Women's Clutches & Wristlets

Our pink wristlets and our holographic clutches make any outfit into an experience. Forget nailing the look, you're about to blow some minds with all that hotness. Our women's wristlets make a great addition for your formal look, or try one of our women's clutches for an option to take out for a brunch day with the girls. Try our large clutch wristlets that have the space to carry more of your life but are still that cute silhouette for that date you've got later on. Put your look together with hot options from Icing.

Crossbody Bags

We love talking about them all the time, but our backpack crossbody bags in our mini size are such a cute staple piece, and we know our Icing girls know how to rock this style. A crossbody is your ultimate "go-to." It's your most dependable style that holds the essentials and is most accessible. Let one of our white crossbody purses sit on your hip and blend with any look, day or night. Let your style shout with a silver metallic crossbody bag or our sequin crossbody bags. We love a good crossbody, especially when it comes in our favorite colors and textures to satisfy all our style cravings.

Fanny Packs for Women

It's your favorite throwback that allows you some hands-free fun! Dance your face off with our women's fanny packs to carry your special things to rock out. In case you were thinking "where can I buy a fanny pack," Icing has got your back. Or in this case, your hips. Slay those moves at the next festival, dance party, or show up with one of our fanny packs for women.

Tote Bags for Women

Every day is a good day for women's totes. These big storage bags hold your essentials AND all those extras you think you need because you just never know. We feel you, and believe we thought of you when we picked out some of the cutest tote bags for women. Take a peek through some of our faux leather totes or holographic designs in our women's tote bags when you need to carry a lot more than just your laptop. Use it as a cute bag for your gym clothes or for a little overnighter with your crew. Get the best use for your buck with all of our options in our tote bags.

Women's Purses & Wallets

Our purses for women and pocketbook purses can be your casual, everyday option. They are your simple and straight to the point style for your cash and your cards, maybe even your phone! For more options in purses and wallets, check out our glitter purses and handbags to satisfy your love for all this glimmer and shimmer. In our cute wallets for women, try a cute cat wallet or our bifold and trifold wallets for women. Get your favorite critters in our purse accessories to adorn your cute wallet or your even cuter purse. Easily show off your personal style with our women's wallets and purses for women.

Women's Bag Charms

Since we mentioned adding some accessories to show off your personal style, you might fall in love with our bag charms for women. Get crazy with the glitter or personalize it with initial bag charms. Make your pocketbook yours with wallet charms for a tiny little add on. Get creative with multiple bag charms for women and create a super cool color story with your handbag and your outfit.

Coin Purses For Women

Pink coin purses or a sparkly coin purse will brighten up your bag while keeping it tidy. No more loose change for you! Make your trips to the vending machine a little easier with coin purses for women to keep it all together...because SNACKS. Your next coin pouch should be cute and be bold enough to tell a little story with a coordinating handbag or backpack.