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New is always our favorite thing, and we love sharing some of the most fashionable items for home and life. Create a space all your own with stylish pieces from Icing. Get your tumblers for your workouts and major hydration, get a few cute mugs to get your coffee fix on, and collect a few hundred shot glasses to keep the party going. Deck your walls with wall canvases and dream catchers to put out all the cozy vibes you want in your home space. You know you can create something amazing with all of our helpful and cute pieces for your bedroom or apartment. Get everything with messages of inspiration, your favorite emojis, magical creatures, and a ton more to create your perfect home vibe.


Keep your keys close to you with our adorable pom pom keychains or puff ball keychains. Make them as stylish as you are with a bit of sparkle with cute keychain lanyards. You can also keep your life together in harmony with keyring pouches for women. With this, you can keep your cash close as well as your keys. Get your fix of glitter, holographic, or marble patterns to keep it all in one place with style. Your backpack keychains will get you ready and organized for class with a safe place for your very important essentials.

Flasks + Glasses

Girl, we know you deserve your weekends to get lit. We are about to equip you with the essentials for said lit-ness. The party starts at Icing with fun flasks and funny shot glasses to inspire you to keep the party going. Take our cute flasks for women to the next party with you to get a bit of a side hustle going so that your pre-game is strong. Of course these bad boys are going to be glitterful and metallic so that they can match your clutch or handbag, cause even drunk you needs to at least still look good right? For those other nights you may have lost a bit of control, your silicone wine glasses will save you and your drink. Other funny stemless wine glasses will keep you inspired to keep the party going to make the celebration worth it.

Photo Frames

Memories are the best things we have, and you can use all of your great memories to decorate your room, your locker, and your apartment. Keep your favorite photos in some of the most gorgeous photo frames for women or picture clip holders to have them warm up your space with laughter and love. Grab some of our glittery photo frames for pictures of you and your besties, your family, or your fur babies to display them all proudly. Grab a few as gifts as a keepsake for the newlywed couple or anniversary. Guaranteed to give you all the feels for a cozy space.

About Home + Stationery

Women's Journal Sets & More

Women's cute journals are here to help you get your thoughts in order. Sketch out your dreams or plot your world domination; our women's journal sets are meant to inspire you and bring a little style to your very important thoughts. For the sparkly goddess, our glittery notebooks for women will likely fit well into your life. Our stationery for women will look a lot fancier than your standard office supplies. Use these notepad extras and sticky notes in one of our holographic planners to get your plotting started.

Cute Keychain Accessories

If you have a habit of losing or misplacing your keys, our pom pom keychains can help you as a fun reminder to stop forgetting! Our puff ball keychains are fuzzy and cute, or you can get one of our keyring pouches for women that will keep your jingling change within reach for those sudden trips to the vending machine. Backpack keychains will accompany you on your way to class or to work, or flair it up with our women's bow keychains. Any of our cute keychain accessories can work well as a small accent on to your handbag or purse, and our cute keychain lanyards that are glittery and sparkly will help in preventing you being a hot mess and forgetting your keys everywhere. We're here to help you get it together.

Jewelry Holders for Women

Give a little love to your space with women's jewelry holders. A space can be tidy if you put all your favorite jewelry pieces in a place designated for your jewelry. Earring and necklace holders are self explanatory, but they come in various designs from ornate to modern to work well as fancy wall decor. An earring holder for women can also be a stand if you need to fill some space on your dresser. Women's jewelry cases also work well for unused spaces, but can work well on your adventures abroad to keep your favorite pieces neat and untangled from your flight or drive. A cute jewelry holder goes a long way, and you should definitely take advantage so no one can yell at you about your unclean space. Do it for yourself, but also for everyone else.

Fabulous Drinkware

The party can only be as lit as there is drinkware for all your cocktail experiments. Your girl's night in can be a rousing success if you've got our women's champagne flutes and silicone wine glasses. These babies work perfectly over a fun conversation filled with dirt and juicy gossip. Use one of our cute flasks for women to cause a little trouble and sneak in the hard stuff. Keep those drinks ice cold with our women's funny drink koozies for a fabulous all nighter. Save the mugs for hot drinks and more meaningful conversation, though. If you stay hydrated like most humans, our plethora of women's tumblers will keep you thirstier than a 21 year old at her first club. If that's you, no judgement babe...we really only care that you use our glittery tumblers for the morning after hangover. Get your sweat on and show off our unicorn tumblers for women or holographic water bottles to spread your magic, and hopefully feel like magic too. Our cute tumbler cups and cute cups with straws make great options for home or for class to have something by your side at all times. Newlyweds can get some great gifts from this category too! Get your bachelorette party shot glasses for an epic night with the ladies, or get couples mug sets for the new Mr. and Mrs.

Fashion Wall Decor

A way to create a meaningful and personal space is with our women's wall decorations. Get your dreamcatcher wall decals or feathery dream catchers for women for a subtle boho touch. Our fashion wall decor extends into some AMAZING glitter wall canvases with inspirational messages and pretty photography to create the right atmosphere. Sparkly wall art is definitely our thing, and you can get a lot of it in our black and white wall decor as well as our white and gold wall decor if you're looking for the perfect color story for your space.

Photo Frames for Women

Fill your place with thoughtful photo frames for women that will display all your favorite memories from past and present. Cute picture frames come as fabulous mermaid photo blocks, glittery photo frames, or picture clip holders. You get to decide what works best for your spacem, and see how magically they fill your world with a little more warmth. Pictures are such a great thing to give as a gift, too. Our women's picture frames work well in our photo clipboardsm, or get one just for your bestie with our best friends photo frames. Not only will you fall in love with the atmosphere that is your room or apartment, others that step in will love the energy, too.